Patient Results

  • Results PT’s treatment helped ged rid of my pain from the accident.

    After my accident, I have severe back and neck pain. I could barely move without pain. After eight sessions with Results Physical Therapy, I feel like I can do all of the things I used to do with no problem. I am very pleased with my results and if I ever needed to come back, I would come back to Results before going anywhere else.

  • The treatment helped me get back to running again

    When I started physical therapy I could barely walk without serious discomfort. Over the course of treatment I have eliminated that pain and have been able to get back to running again. As a triathlete that was a pretty important goal for me. Thanks for everything, I am going to do the Ironman this year!

  • I feel great and I have my life back

    I really dreaded having to go to therapy! But after the first session, I found the people friendly and they talk with you like that have always known you. After three sessions, I felt a lot better with less pain. I can’t believe how fast I improved. It changed my attitude and my life at home. I can vacuum and mop floors with no pain. I can walk and get in and out of the truck with no pain. I feel great and I have my life back.

  • My daily routine is no longer restricted by pain

    Everyone at Results has been wonderful. I am so happy to be almost pain-free. When I first came here I could not sit or stand without tremendous pain in my back. Now, 6 visits later, I am able to stretch freely and do some moderate exercise. My daily routine is no longer restricted by pain. Thank you all for your help.

  • My arms and hands finally felt normal again

    I came in for some swelling in my hands and arms following a bilateral mastectomy and treatment for breast cancer. I was experiencing pain in my arms and Knowles from the pressure of the excess fluid. After just a couple PT visits and wearing the compression sleeves, I no longer experienced the pain and after a couple more weeks, the swelling was visibly reduced. My arms and hands finally felt normal again.

  • I am back to the gym and active without pain

    When I first came in I had severe elbow pain from an injury during snowmobiling. The pain was severe enough to limit my riding and other activities. I had to stop weight training due to the pain. After seven visits, I am back to the gym and active without pain. I appreciate the time Results PT spent with me.

  • I am able to stand without pain

    After not being able to stand for any length of time without pain and having to sit, I was amazed that I actually stood for over an hour and at different times for my grandson’s college graduation! With the help of everyone at Results, the strengthening exercises and encouragement, I now feel confident and I am able to stand without pain!

  • From tremendous pain to very little pain in a short period

    During the past 5 years, I have had several situations that required physical therapy. I started with an organization recommended by my surgeon and after 4 months I had to stop because of NO RESULTS. My insurance company actually refused to pay for more physical therapy unless I found a new place. That long story ended with my coming to Results. What a difference! My therapist stayed with me for my entire visits and were hands-on every time. They watched me do my stretches and were making changes to fix where the problem was for that day. I have gone from tremendous pain to very little in a short period of time. Thank you Results!

  • Improvement on my tennis elbow in 6 weeks

    I let my tennis elbow pain go on for two months. After deciding to get this evaluated by Results Physical Therapy, six visits later I was already seeing the improvement. Physical Therapy greatly improved the healing of the tendons in my elbow and I was given the tools to continue improving my strength. My arm is now back to perfect health.

  • I am not wheelchair bound anymore

    When I first came for PT, I feared that I would soon be restricted to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I could not stand for a full minute nor walk more than two minutes. I can now stand as long as I need to stand and I can walk on the treadmill for at least 15 minutes at a time. My future is now bright. I can both stand and walk and a wheelchair is not in my future for years to come. My therapists were always very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend this place to all my friends.


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